Keep Customers Happy with a Virtual Assistant

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Business owners everywhere are scrambling to meet the needs of their clients, while also keeping costs down. In these tough economic times, everyone has to work harder to keep their clients and gain new ones. But no one wants to work 24/7, and unfortunately these days, your clients want to be able to access you on their terms and at any time of the day. If you are unavailable when they need you, they will most likely find someone else to take their business. Keep your clients happy and deliver them the around the clock services they need by hiring a virtual assistant from CallCenterUSA.

A virtual assistant is a valuable business service to anyone who wants to provide the highest quality customer service to their clients. When calls come in after hours, on weekends or holidays, a live operator is there to take the call. These operators are knowledgeable and professional and will act with the highest degree of courtesy while upholding the values of your business.

Having an intelligent, human voice answer the phone is much more personal than a cold and unfriendly voice mail message with an impersonal greeting. Someone will always be available to answer questions and perform various organizational activities for you. This makes a world of a difference for anyone trying to reach your service, and will leave them feeling positive about the company, as opposed to the frustration and neglect that many callers feel when they can not get through to a business.

You can also rest assured knowing that you will receive all of your messages in a timely manner and in whatever form you choose: text message to your cell phone, fax or email. Dependable and convenient, a virtual assistant will never let you down.

Another positive to having a live person answering your calls is that they can interact with each caller in a unique way, determining their needs and acting accordingly. All staff members are native English speakers and calls are never outsourced, so they can handle any call with clarity and understanding.

An answering service professional can also help you to achieve your bottom line. Hiring an in-office worker can be costly, as they require wages and benefits, not to mention the loss of money from training them and paying for time off. An assistant from CallCenterUSA is fully trained and is much more cost-effective than a full-time employee.

A virtual assistant can support your company's needs by being there for your callers when you can not with quality, thoughtful and professional call answering abilities and message delivering.

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Keep Customers Happy with a Virtual Assistant

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This article was published on 2011/05/17