Basic Task of Work from Home Virtual Assistant

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Virtual assistance is one of the biggest home-based jobs today. Called virtual assistant or VA, he is an independent professional working in the comforts of his home as he utilizes the internet to be of service to his global clients. The tasks of a work from home virtual assistant may vary from simple to moderate, administrative to personal support. Below are some of the duties and responsibilities he is asked to do.

Every VA always has to do something related to data entry, particularly data gathering. It's a basic requirement for him to navigate through the internet, gather information (like searching for contact information from online directories), as well as input data. Clients become more impressed with a Va who has accurate and submits a high quality of work. Microsoft Office applications are used frequently as well. In line with this, a virtual assistant should also fact check—go through the clients' notes, your source's facts, or whatever else that may be subject to mistakes.

A work from home virtual assistant also usually manages clients' emails and accounts. It's one of the most basic tasks, considering the fact that more people are getting into social networking sites. The Va will add friends, followers, and send messages to "friends" and contacts. Sometimes through emails, the VA sends out emails to the client's target market—for some clients, they want to make the email more personalized as it's found to be more effective.

A VA will also have to be visible in forums because it's one of the most effective medium to drive traffic to a client's website, if applicable. Obviously, the assistant must also have knowledge on how to write good content. He may not be the best writer yet, but it's actually okay as he can develop his skills through time and practice.

Sometimes, an assistant even has to do a bit of internet marketing on his own, just like when he has to take care of the clients' Google AdSense accounts. He may also call, answer, and forward. This means that he has to use several applications, such as Skype, to talk to customers, provide help or support, or answer queries. It's best when he has good speaking and comprehensive skills.

Depending on what kind of assistance one gets into (e.g. marketing, graphic design, IT support, transcribing, healthcare), one should realize that with the basic tasks given awhile ago, it's not really too easy, although it's basic—as anyone outside virtual assistance would think. A work from home assistant is not just stuck with clerical and secretarial work. He needs skills, and he does much, much more.


If you are an employer and looking for an assistant, make sure to screen the applicant well so you may not be able to hire another one to take your task. If you always hire virtual assistant for you, simply not saving time. If you are doing business, you should consider the time because time is gold.

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Basic Task of Work from Home Virtual Assistant

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This article was published on 2010/09/13